And [God] Who provides seed for the sower and bread for eating will also provide and multiply your [resources for] sowing and increase the fruits of your righteousness [which manifests itself in active goodness, kindness, and charity]. Thus you will be enriched in all things and in every way, so that you can be generous, and [your generosity as it is] administered by us will bring forth thanksgiving to God.
2 Cor 9:10-11 AMP
God blessing is 5 times more than expected!
We received this e-mail from Chesapeake, VA
I thank God for how He is using you and Rudi. You both gave me a word about God providing provision supernaturally. I was expecting money from unclaimed property that in a letter was told I would be receiving over a $100. After Sundays service July 11 I started to believe God for more. My wife was stressing out because we would of been short a $150 for bills. But Jehovah Jireh made a way on Wednesday I went to my mailbox and I got my check out and it was for $561.What a awesome God we serve!


An unexpected raise in Gastonia, NC
I stood in line when you called people up to be prayed for, for financial blessings. Anyway, a few days later my boss called wanted to talk to me and she said that the company had decided to do some what they call Market Adjustments. I received a $2.00 on the hour raise. We were not expecting one of these until next year because we had just got one a few months ago, and not everyone that I work with got this recent raise. I am a single parent trying to raise 3 teenagers. Times are lean sometimes, but God always provides and He is faithful.


Prophecy fulfilled when God provided a great job!
A lady from Elizabeth City, NC writes:
"During last night’s service you approached me and said you saw me with a check book. You said I was having a difficult time with it and that each time I was in it I would fret over the money. You had no way of knowing I had not had a job in 3 months. THE NEXT DAY I was offered a job in a local Christian Attorney's office. Three weeks earlier I had an interview with another company. I called them to say I had been offered another job but really desired to work for them. Within 1/2 an hour they called back and offered me the job of Office Administrator at $30,000 a year. Praise the Lord!"
Finances Restored
Hi Rudi & Sharon. Just thought I would let you know that when you were here you called out a man that God laid on your heart. He had death written on his checkbook. You told him God would restore his finances. Well, bless God He did! God provided him with a job and a car and he was able to tear up his foreclosure papers. That man was me! What a loving God we serve. Keep up the wonderful work. Love in Jesus."

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An Unexpected Bonus.
We prayed with a man for financial blessings and two days later he received an unexpected bonus from work!
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God gave me a $5,000 raise at work!
Upon graduating college my family started attending Bethesda United Methodist Church. At first I wasn't keen on going every Sunday but that eventually changed. Anyhow I wasn't the best I could be with my finances- if I had money I spent it. When in church, I would put whatever I felt I could do without into the offering tray- usually $5 to $25 a week.

In March 1998, when Rudi and Sharon came to Damascus for Revival, Rudi invited people with financial needs to come to the altar and he prayed for us. I did not have a great need. I had money, a job and a car. I also had debt. I did not realize that all debt was bad. The Lord spoke to me from the Word: "Owe no man anything, but to love one another: for he that loves another hath fulfilled the law." Romans 13:8. I just owed on my college loans and my car. I did not have "bad" debt like credit cards, etc. Before Rudi prayed for us he shared from the Bible about doing our part, tithing to the church. I thought wow, that is a lot of money, money that I could use for other things. I had a hard time excepting that I was to give 10% to the Church. I thought: "The church does not need any money." Then the Lord spoke to me that I was laying up treasure in Heaven and that if I gave it would be given to me in return.

It wasn't until a few months later when I had practically forgotten about the financial prayer that I was truly blessed. I received a $5,000 raise at work! I did not really feel that I had done that much to deserve it. From then on every time I get paid as soon as the check goes in the bank, a check goes in the offering tray for 10% of the pay check, before taxes.

In the two years that I have been out of college my salary has increased 50% and I owe at all to the Lord. Additionally the Lord has helped me to better control my spending and to develop a plan to pay off my student loans in advance.

I have learned to give all your troubles to the Lord and He will take care of them! Thank you our dear Heavenly Father. If you put your trust and faith in him 110% then you will be blessed!
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Debt-Free within three months.
Last year, during a special revival meeting, Rudi and Sharon prayed for people with financial burdens. We brought our bills, 2 car payments, about $8,000 in credit card debt and even our mortgage payment booklet, put all in an envelope and committed our financial situation to the Lord. Rudi laid hands on the envelope and prayed that the Lord would help us with our finances.

For a while things did not seem to get any better. Since we had vowed months earlier not to use our credit cards any more, we were constantly in our overdraft and writing checks that we hoped wouldn't get cashed until the money was in the account. We kept hearing people talk about budgeting but we did not know where to begin. After all, how can you budget for next month when your mortgage payment for this month is already three weeks late? If we can just hold out until the car is paid off in about six months we'll be home free. That would give us $320.00 a month to put toward the credit card bill, or so we thought.

Once the car was paid off (4 months early, Praise the Lord), we decided it was time to put a budget on paper so that we could see where we would apply the "extra $320.00." What extra $320.00? Our regular monthly income after tithing was just enough to cover the bills with $40.00 per week left over for groceries. Praise God, He had been making that car payment for us all that time! For the first time we realized that the Lord was truly working to help us be debt free. We desired it all along but actually writing the budget down was our first step. We were finally doing something rather than waiting for something to happen. Before we could put the budget into action we needed to catch up on all the bills that were in arrears. Miraculously overtime at work was abundant to the point that our monthly income was just about doubled for one month. We were caught up!! Now it was just a matter of committing to that budget.

Graciously, our loving God did not allow us to suffer at length on such a tight budget. Within three months we were free of our credit card and automobile debt!
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A Van for my Handicapped Daughter.
A lady came to one meeting with her daughter that is in a wheelchair. She was praying for a vehicle to transport her daughter for quite some time. The Lord spoke to her to sow the last $5.00 she had with her into the offering. She obeyed gladly. The next day someone gave her $5,000.00 and the Lord gave her favor at a dealership to buy a Van. Now she can transport her daughter and the wheelchair with ease.
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God hears the prayers of a desperate student.
A student in Virginia was in desperate need. She, together with her Mom and 5 brothers and sisters, were evicted from their home. They could not afford to buy a house and she asked the Lord to help them. She owned property in a remote area with a value of around $5,000.00. Rudi and Sharon prayer with her and together they released their faith. Within a week the local government bought the property for over $50,000.00! God is a God of miracles!
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God gives a young man a job.
A young man in South Africa came out for prayer in one meeting in December 1997. He totalled his car and was without transportation. He trusted the Lord to give him a job. Within two weeks the Lord gave him a job with wonderful benefits. He got a company car, telephone, and a larger salary than he hoped for. God is so good!
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Testimonies of Healing / Testimonies of Revival