What Pastors are saying

Rev. Bill & Lynna Roberts
Senior Pastor
Woodbridge, VA
"Rudi & Sharon are mature beyond their age. They have God given vision, the administrative wherewithal to see it fulfilled, and the anointing which keeps it on track. They work as a team not only in ministry but also in their daily lives. They are genuine in every facet of their lives. What you see on the platform of the church is who they are in life. We believe that Rudi & Sharon can help your church bring past vision and dreams to fruition in record time."

Born and raised in South Africa, the Lord called him into ministry in August 1987. He was greatly influenced by the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke and his heart was drawn to evangelism from the start of his ministry. He met Sharon in 1989 while completing his 3 year seminary training at the Auckland Park Theological Seminary. He served as Senior Associate Pastor of one of the leading churches in South Africa.

He is a noted author and inspirational / motivational speaker. He is also an international lecturer, teaching in Seminaries and Colleges around the world as well as a sought after speaker at leadership development and training meetings.

He ministers the Word of God in a fresh and powerful way. He is gifted to bring insight in the Word for young and old to understand. The Lord confirms his ministry with accompanying signs and wonders. Numerous cases of Divine healing and deliverance have been recorded through the years as he obeyed and followed the Lord in ministry. He is ordained with the Assemblies of God in the USA.

Sharon Swanepoel is also a native South African. She is a seasoned minister of the Gospel and has been a keynote speaker at various conferences and leadership training events both in the USA and abroad. She preaches the Word of God under a tremendous anointing and with great revelation knowledge. Her messages are practical and powerful.

She is an anointed musician/composer and people of all ages are touched through her music. She is an accomplished trumpeter. She was a crusade singer with Reinhard Bonnke in Kafanchan, Nigeria where the crowds grew to over 360,000 per service over 5 days. 

Through an extensive ministry of intercession she has seen many miracles that changed the lives of many people throughout the world. Today Sharon's music, like the Psalmists of old ushers you right into the Throne Room of God.

She is also the author of the children's book series: The Adventures of Seek and Save and founder of the Seek & Save Project the prints and distributes thousands of these books to the children of the world.

Sharon is ordained with the NXL apostolic network based in Youngstown, OH.

Together, Rudi & Sharon form a unique ministry team. Wherever they minister as one there is a shaking in the spiritual realm. Their hearts are focused on the well-being of the local church and they have a tremendous love for people. For five years they ministered in one of the largest churches of the AFM of South Africa, the largest Pentecostal denomination in Africa.

In 1994 the Lord visited them supernaturally and instructed them to travel the world with His message of Glory and Power. Many people have been saved, delivered and healed through the ministry God gave them. This ministry will challenge people to rise up and be what God called them to be, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit continuously.

In 2000, the Lord called them to Elyria, where they were senior pastors at The Cross Community Church. During the three years and nine months the Lord  poured out tremendous blessings on their ministry in Elyria.

In 2004 the Lord once again released them to the powerful evangelistic call on their lives.  In every meeting throughout the world they see the lives of people being changed by God's Glory as they surrender to the will of the Lord. Rudi & Sharon have inspired and motivated church leaders, pastors, professionals, and ministry leaders both on local and regional level. They have led many conferences, seminars, training / teaching events often with many churches participating together. Their ministry regularly crosses denominational, cultural and other boundaries to present the Gospel message of hope to the nations of the world.

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